34 Berkshire Cross feeder pigs for sale. Sows are half Berkshire half Chester white, boar is a registered Berkshire. 20 head left. 40-50 pounds. Weaned, castrated and wormed, ready to go. Between Fort Scott and Pittsburg.
We at BF Farm breed registered 100 purebred high percentage Kunekune Pigs. We found by introducing the American Guinea Hog to our breeding program we can produce the hybrid vigor to our pigs missing from many purebred Kunekunes due to the limited pool of available breeding stock. Over the years we found that having over 80 Kunekune maintain the Kunekune look and enable us to continually produce...
I have 2 kunukune gilts available to their new homes. Fullblood girls but are not registered. Both are double settled. $200 ea or $350 for both. The kune kune is a pasture pig and does well on pasture alone. They do not root up pastures like most other pigs due to their short upturned snouts.